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How to Find a Voided AP Check in Check History Report

Release Date: 6/14/17

- When I VOID an AP check and run the CHECK HISTORY report, the voided check does not show up on the Check History Report. Where can I find the settings to correct this?

A - There are three different Check History reports.  The one you use is the Legacy Check History Report, which does not show VOIDED Checks.  From AP -> Reports -> Check History Report, you have the following options:
  1. Check History Report (legacy report from AP Open Item file) --- Voided check was purged from database, so it won’t show on this report
  2. All Checks History Summary (new report from AP Check History File) --- Voided check shows on report 
  3. All Checks History Detail (new report from AP Check History + Distribution History) --- Voided check shows on report
  4. Also, in Check History Export (Export Checks to Bank: from AP Check History File) --- Voided check shows in the CSV file as well 
The following is an example of the "All Checks History Summary" report.  As you can see, the voided checks show on this report:

The following is an example of a Check History Export CSV file. It is similar to the bank "Positive Pay" CSV file, but there's no bank account information.  To show bank account information, you need to set up the appropriate parameters in the Bank Book module:


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