Suggestion to Implement PDF PostOffice Invoice Based on Invoice History

Release Date: 6/16/17

Q - A user told us that they were using PDF PostOffice, sent an invoice, and then the screen "Are All Invoices Printed OK?" came up. They said that before they could answer, the invoice had already been sent. Is there anything that would happen if the user hits No? The invoice would already have been sent, correct? Maybe the message should be removed if email is checked and PostOffice is enabled? It's not really a big deal, just something a user mentioned to us.

A- There are actually quite a few issues with implementing PDF PostOffice on the regular invoice printing. In addition to the issue you brought up, even if you answer “Y” to “Are All Invoices Printed OK?,” you still could void the invoice as long as the invoice is not posted yet. While you could void the invoice before it is posted, PDF PostOffice already sent the invoice email to the customer and there’s no way to take that back.  I have seen in a lot of environments where even after the invoice is printed, it is still subject to void and change. In these organizations, users should avoid implementing PDF PostOffice based on the regular invoice printing.

That’s why we recommend that our users implement PDF PostOffice on the duplicate invoice printing function instead. This function is based on the invoice history database, which means the invoice is posted already and can’t be voided. You can just ask your user to have one person in charge and to print all invoices for the prior day's batch on a daily basis. If you do so, then the emailed PDF invoices are always consistent with the actual invoices in the Elliott database.


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