How to Export Price Codes to CSV File

Release Date: 6/16/17

Q -  Can you have Elliott produce the Price List Report with all price codes in a CSV format? We are trying to import it into Salesforce (through our Salesforce implementation team).

A -   Elliott 
provides a powerful utility to export the Price Code file to CSV.  

Price Codes Export

You can access it by going to Elliott Main Menu -> COP -> Maintenance -> Future Price Maintenance -> Price-Code -> Export.  See sample screen below:

The following is an example of the exported CSV file brought up in Excel:

The following is an explanation of each column:
Price-Code: This can be from price code 1 - 8 depending on what you define in Elliott.
Key-1 & Key-2: These two columns depend on the price codes you are using. In this example, it is price code 3, which is By Customer Type/Item.  Therefore, the Key-1 column is Customer Type and Key-2 column represents Item Number.
Pricing-Basis: This can be P=Price, D=Discount, M=Mark up.
Ignore Cust Disc: If this flag is set to "Y," then it means this price code will override the discount % defined in the customer file.  Sometimes the price code may be a very low price and you don't want to give them the additional discount % as defined in the customer file.
Minimum-Qty: This is always zero.  It shows in the CSV file just to match what's in the Price Code Maintenance screen.
Price-Or-Discount: This can be a fixed price (if Pricing- Basis = "P") or a percentage (if Pricing-Basis = "D" or "M").
Additional Columns: The additional columns to the right of Price-Or-Discount are the additional quantity-break pricing parameters.  If you use them, they will be in your CSV export.

Price Codes Import

Keep in mind that the same price codes can also be imported into Elliott. Therefore, you could edit your price codes information in Excel, and when you are done, import them back into Elliott to update. If you wish to delete a price code, specify "X" in the "Pricing-Basis" column.


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