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Ping Test to Isolate Inconsistent Load Error 198

Release Date: 06/27/17

Q - We have an error that only occurs occasionally. The error code that goes with is 198.  The following is a sample:

    Load error: file 'POEDADD1'
    error code: 198, pc=5344, call=58, seg=0

This error seems to occur on only one computer and only in the purchasing module. Do you have suggestions about steps I can take to resolve this? Re-install Pervasive? Check the PC’s network connection?

A - Error 198 is a typical error indicating that the network connection is unstable. To isolate the network components that cause this error, you can run a simple test to “Ping” the server from the workstation continually for 5 minutes, then see the results.

1. At command prompt, type Ping –t Server_Name (e.g. Ping –t TS4). The system will continue to ping without stopping.  See example below:

2. After 5 minutes, use Ctrl+C key to stop pinging.

3. Check results at the bottom. For example: Sent = 1000, Received = 990, Lost = 10 (1% loss).  If you have any percentage lost,  then you know the network connection is not stable. After that, you can start changing network components one by one until you isolate this issue.  You can start from the easiest to the hardest. For example:
  • If there is an extra connection on the network switch, then switch this workstation's network cable to the other empty connection first.  Then perform the same ping test to see if this improves the situation.
  • Change the network cable.  Generally speaking, you should use a CAT-6 cable Gigabits Ethernet.  Some people use a CAT-5 cable that has higher resistance.  Get a new CAT-6 cable and connect the workstation directly to the network switch.
  • Switch another workstation to this location and use the old Ethernet to test.
  • If the connection is to a separate small Ethernet switch, consider replacing that Ethernet switch.
  • If there's an extra Ethernet connect at the workstation, try the other connection.
  • Replace the Ethernet connection at the workstation.
For additional load error 198 information, see the following Knowledge Base article:


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