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NSCTLMN2 Accounts Receivable Global Setup 2

A/R Bill-To Customer

Application Overview

This feature is designed accommodate multi-location customers where their headquarters takes care of all the Accounts Payable for it’s chain stores or branches.  Purchase orders can be executed from the headquarters or from any of the stores, but the billing goes to the headquarters’ office.

In this feature, the headquarters and all stores/branches are each treated as an individual customer account.  One purpose of implementing this feature is to track sales and sales commission by store, (customer).  Also, all collections and cash receipts processing are done by the headquarters’ account. 

In Customer Order Processing, it is much easier to find an order by store (customer) rather than by headquarters when providing customer service.

To set up Standard Elliott to handle this type of customer, you will need to create customer accounts for the headquarters and all its store branches.  For each of the store branches, the headquarters’ account number will be assigned in the Bill-To field.

Run Instructions

Goto:  Elliott Main Menu à Util Setup à Global Setup à Acct à A/R Bill To Customer

Enabling A/R Bill-To Customer

Standard Elliott main menu à  Util_setup à  Global Setup  à  Acct à  A/R Bill to Customer  

Figure 1B.1 shows the setup screen for this feature.


Figure 1B.2.  Users have the option of having the bill-to address display on the order. 


 Figure 1B.3 This Order Entry screen is a sample Purchase Order of Grey Steppe Consulting, which is a branch of John Q. Williams (headquarters).  In field #4, the order is billed to the headquarters, while in field #9, the order is shipped to the branch store’s address. 

Field 2.           Do You Use Commission By Cash Receipt Report?

If you are using Commission by Cash Receipt Report, answer “Y.”  The importance of this flag is to determine which customer number will be posted to the commissions due file: the Bill-To Customer number or the Original Customer number.

By default, the system uses the original customer number.  If you use Commission Due By Cash Receipt with the Bill-To option, the receivable record is stored under the Bill-To Customer and the commission due must be stored under the Bill-To Customer as well.  If the commission due is stored under the original customer number, then the commission due calculation will not be able to math the payment received in the A/R Open Item file.




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