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NSCTLMN2 Accounts Payable Global Setup 5

Remit-To Vendor  

A/P Vendor File Maintenance           

1.     After enabling this feature, you will need to define the vendors and their remit-to vendors.  Note: Remit-to vendors must be in the A/P Vendor File as normal vendors.  Remit-to Vendors may be assigned during add new Vendor or in the change mode. 

2.       In the following example, we will add a remit-to vendor via change mode.  Select an existing vendor you would like to assign a remit-to vendor to, Figure 2A.11.  Type “2” to select field 2, “Name.”  Once in this field, you will see an F2 = Enter Vendor Remit To option at the bottom of the screen.  When you press the F2 key a popup window will display prompting you for a remit-to vendor no. as shown in Figure 2A.12.


 Figure 2A.11



 Figure 2A.12.



3.       Enter the vendor remit-to number.  If you do not know the remit-to vendor number, you may look them up using the F7 or F8 search keys.  Once the remit-to vendor has been selected, press “Y” to switch to new remit-to vendor.  At this point a Warning Message will popup cautioning you about Open AP transactions and asking if you are sure if you want to switch, (Figure 2A.13).


 Figure 2A.13



Reminder:  This has been an example when the Remit-To Feature flag was set to “R”

Remit-To Vendor Processing 

1.       Figure 2A.15 shows an entry in AP Transaction Processing with the Vendor Remit-To flag set to “R” in the enhancement Set-up.


 Figure 2A.15

2.      Figure 2A.16 shows the open item under Vendor No. 001100, the Remit-To Vendor.  Remember that with “R” flagged in the enhancement Set-up, all transactions will follow the Remit-To Vendor.


Figure 2A.16


Note:    Whether you have set the enhancement to “O” or “R”, the check will be payable to the remit to vendor.



3.   Figure 2A.17 shows an entry in AP Transaction Processing with the Vendor Remit-To flag set to “O” in the enhancement Set-up.  Although Vendor 1100 is the remit-to vendor there is no Vendor Remit-To displayed.  This is because when Type “O” is selected in the Enhancement Set-up and you have defined the remit-to vendors in Vendor File Maintenance, the system knows to process the AP check to the remit-to vendor, in this case vendor 1100.


Figure 2A.17



 Figure 2A.18 showing the open item in inquiry mode.


Dist To PO Line Item Acct For Non-Inv Item By Default

 The following is an exercise using screen captures that walks you through how this feature works.





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