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NSCTLMN2 Accounts Payable Global Setup 6

A/P Batch Processing



This feature allows users to add, change, delete, print, and post only their own batches.  The system allows you to define up to five supervisors, (users), who can add, change, delete, print and post other user’s batches. 

Setup:  Elliott main Menu à Util-setup à Global à Acct à a/p batch processing


Track Batch ID in AP

 Select “Y” to enable this feature.

This feature allows adding, printing, and posting AP transactions by individual or range of Batch ID’s.  For example: You have  AP Vouchers processed and are ready to post, batches 50000 – 50017, but the last two batches are not yet ready to post for various reasons.  With this feature you can select batch 50000 as the Starting Batch ID and batch 500015 as the Ending Batch ID and let the system post this range for you in one process.  The Batch ID is a 10 digit alphanumeric field.


Use User Name as Batch ID

 Select “Y” to enable this feature.

By enabling this feature, the system will use the user login ID as the default Batch ID.  However, the user can override it.  This feature allows users to add, print, and post AP transactions by Batch ID.  For example: User JEC has batches JEC001 – JEC017 and user EMK has batches EMK001 – EMK010 ready to post.  By using this feature, user JEC can select his batches, or range of batches, to post without interfering with the EMK batches.


Security Control for Batch ID

 Select “Y” to enable this feature.




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