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NSCTLMN4 Global Setup Bill of Lading 3

Customer Item Reference Setup

Application Overview

 Some customers place orders using their item numbers rather than yours.  Without a proper cross-referencing system, it may not be easy to understand which item the customer is referring to and could lead to situations such as shipping the wrong item, consuming time to verify the correct item ordered, or even possibly, losing the sale.   This application allows defining a cross-reference system.

Run Instructions

 Before setting up customer cross-reference item numbers, you must define where and how you want to use them.  To do this, go to:

 Main Menu ® Util-Setup ® Global Setup ® Cop-Ctl ® Customer Item X-ref.  The following screen will then be displayed:


Customer Item Xref Setup Screen

Entry Field Descriptions 


Type and Description

1.   Replace Line Item Desc With Cust Item Desc

Replacing item description applies to Pick Tickets and Invoice Printing.

Select “Y” =  Replace when not blank.  Blank item descriptions are usually reserved for specific purposes.

Select “N” =  Do Not Replace

Select “M” =  Merge on Printing

2.   Print Customer Item On Picking Ticket

Select “N” = Do Not Print

Select “Y” = Print On Picking Ticket

3.   Print Customer Item On Packing List

Select “N” = Do Not Print

Select “Y” = Print On Packing List

4.   Print Customer Item On Order      Acknowledgment

Select “N” = Do Not Print

Select “Y” = Print On Packing List

*    Complete the setup screen to your specifications.


Using Customer Item Cross Reference

Maintaining Customer Item File

Before understanding which items your customers are referring to by using their item numbers, you need to build a cross reference table to match customers item numbers to your item numbers. To do this,  select COP à Maintenance à Customer Item File.

The maintenance screen appears. This screen consists of three major fields to build a cross-reference record for a customer’s specific item. Once the records are created, the user can use the search function key at COP line entry to find the customers item number to fill in the Item No. field. 

 Customer Item File Maintenance Screen – Change Mode

Like other Elliott maintenance program windows, the user can also perform Change, Delete, and List for Customer Item records.

Utilizing Customer Item Cross Reference in COP Line Item Entry 

a. Customer Item Search

At the Item No. field, press the F7 key to select Cust Item Search.  Choose to search by Item Number or Customer Item Description.  In the search screen, type in the Item No. or Customer Description as described by the customer.  The search by Customer Item will display your Item Number, Description, and Customer Item Number.  The search by Customer Description will display your Item Number, Customer Description, and Customer Item number.


F7 Key – Customer Item Search

Customer Item Search by Customer Item Number


Changing A Customer Item Record On-the-Fly

 Upon the selection of the item being ordered, the screen will display the Customer Item No. to the right of your Item No. and move the cursor to the field 2, (Qty Ordered). At this point, the user can change the Customer Item No. if the customer requests changing it or the description. Press F5, (bottom menu bar options), and the system will move the cursor back to the Customer Item No. field for changes to Item Number, Description 1, and Description 2.


Printing Customer Item No. On Invoices and Picking Tickets 

If you have turned on the control flag to print customer item number on the picking tickets in the Enhancements Setup, the Customer Item No. will be printed on the invoices as well as the picking tickets if there are any. To print the Customer Item No. on the invoice, you must set up an extra printing field for the invoice form that is used for billing.  There is no setup required for picking tickets.

Invoice Printing With Customer Item No.  Setup

Go to COP à Util_Setup à Invoice Form Setup, and then select Change to bring up the desired form to which you would like to add the extra field.

 Invoice Setup Screen 

 Field No. 6: Make sure to consider the extra line you will put in for printing the Customer Item No.

 Proceed to the last screen of this Invoice form format to enter the printing specification for the Customer Item No.  and/or Customer Item Description.


 Invoice Setup Screen

Field 84 shows the printing specification for the Customer Item No. The specifications for this field are user-defined to allow you specific invoice forms for specific customers.

10.00 04/04/00 CLOCK                        A-5555-A EA    10.00 ..........

                   25 Meg Clock For Mother Board

                   Clock - 25M

                   Customer Item No :C-26

Picking ticket – Line Item Example


(When setup flag = “Y” to print Customer Item Number on Picking ticket)


0.00        10.00   CLOCK                15.5000       EA        113.15

                    25 MEG CLOCK FOR MB              27.00



Invoice – Line Item Example


(When setup field 1, Replace Line Item Description with Customer Description, flag = “Y”)



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