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NSCTLMN3 Inventory Management Global Control Setup 2

Display Item History Information

This function will allow you to view additional history information from the Item Master File and during Item File Inquiry.  The inquiry windows are similar to Standard Elliott Item History Report. 

Run Instructions

 From Elliott Main Menu go to à Util-Setup à Global Setup à  Dist à Display Item History Info




Field 1:   Display Item Quantity Sold?

              Answer “Y” if you wish to display the item quantity sold when inquiring item history information.

Field 2:   Display Item Sales Amount?

              Answer “Y” if you wish to display the item sales amount when inquiring item history information.

Field 3:   Display Item Usage?

              Answer “Y” if you wish to display the item usage when inquiring item history information.

Field 4.   Display Item Cost?

              Answer “Y” if you wish to display item cost when inquiring item history information.


When you press the F6 function key, a popup window will display the following options: 1. Regular note, 2. Tickler Note, 3. User Note, 4. Elliott Note, and 5. Item History.  After selecting Item History, the system will display the window below showing historical information for:  Ptd. Qty. sold, Ptd. Sales Amt., Ptd. Usage, and Ptd. Cost Amt. as shown below. 


 Substitute Item Class File

Application Overview

You can now define multiple substitute items in a class instead of one substitute item only.  During order entry, if there is insufficient quantity for an item, the system will prompt if you would like to use substitute item.  If you answer “Yes”, a window showing multiple substitute items will display.  You can choose which substitute item to use.  A similar function also exists in The Stock Status Inquiry Plus screen.

Before you can begin using this function you will need to setup the Five Additional Item Search Keys Enhancement and generate an Item index key, see Systems Manager Manual Global Setup for System and Utility. 

Run Instructions

From Elliott Main Menu go to à Util-Setup à Global Setup à  Dist à Substitute Item Control



Field 1.   Use Substitute Item Enhancement?

              Answer “Y” to enable this enhancement.  Otherwise, answer “N” to disable function.

Field 2.   Search Window Display Form

There are two options for this field:  1 = One Line Info. or 2 = Two Line Info. 

If you answer “1” in this field, the system will display a one line item description for the substitute items.  After you type 1 and press <Enter>, a popup window will display prompting the message “Display Qty In Search Window:”.  This message is asking you what information  (bottom menu) you would like to display in the Substitute Item Search Window.  You have three options: 1= Qty. On Hand & Qty. Available, 2= Qty. On Hand & Qty. On Order, and 3= Qty. Avail & Qty. On Order. 

If you answer “2”, the system will display a two-line description.  Additionally, it will also display the Qty. On Hand, Qty. On Order, Qty. Avail and Qty Allocated.


Using Substitute Item Enhancement

 After setting up the Search and Index keys, the next step, (Inventory Maintenance – Substitute Item Class File Maintenance), is to define the item class under the Substitute Item Class File Maintenance as shown in Figures 3F.5.  This Item Class can be assigned to as many Item Master record(s) as needed for a substitute reference, (Figure 3F.6, Field 10).



Figure 3F.5




Figure 3F.6


COP Order Entry

 Figure 3F.7 shows an example of the display screen for the Multiple Substitute Item Enhancement.



Figure 3F.7 shows how this enhancement works during COP Order Entry.

Stock Status Inquiry

 When you inquire on Stock Status, you can press the [F1] Subs Item Srch key to display all the substitute item defined for this particular item (Figure 3F.8).



Figure 3F.8





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