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NSCTLMN3 Distribution Modules Global Setup: Index

Due to the large size of the document entitled "NSCTLMN3 Distribution Modules Global Setup," we have separated it into several different documents within the Knowledge Base. Listed below is an index for each section, as well as a link to each document.

NSCTLMN3 Inventory Management Global Control Setup 1

  • Global Setup I/M Global Control
  • Allow Mass Purging of Items in Range
  • Default Physical Count to Auto Entry Mode
  • How Many Days to Keep Newly Received Items
  • Item Generic Search with Quantity Available
  • Item Generic Search with 2 Description Line
  • Must Mat Cost Type/Loc Acct Exist for Transfer
  • I/M User Defined Code Literal
  • Auto Create Inventory Location Control Record
  • Show Bin Number on Stock Status Inquiry
  • I/M Trx Default Receiving Account
  • I/M Trx Default Issuing Account

NSCTLMN3 Inventory Management Global Control Setup 2

  • Display Item History Information
  • Run Instructions
  • Substitute Item Class File Application Overview
  • Run Instructions
  • Using Substitute Item Enhancement
  • COD Order Entry
  • Stock Status Inquiry

NSCTLMN3 Purchase Order Global Control Setup 1

  • Global Setup P/O Global Control
  • Display Total Weight/Volume Amount During PO  Entry
  • Use Hold Posting Flag in PO Receiving
  • Allow Printing of Purchase Orders to Disk
  • Eliminate Print Alignment Message for Purchase Order
  • Eliminate Mount Form Message for Purchase Order
  • Print Immediate Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Entry Default Status
  • Page Break by PO# on Receiving Edit List & Posting Journals
  • Enable PO Vendor Item Price Table
  • Enter Terms Detail on PO Header
  • Post PO for PO Printing Range Only 

NSCTLMN3 Purchase Order Global Control Setup 2

  • Purchase Order Requisition
  • Run Instructions
  • Cross Reference COP to PO

NSCTLMN3 Bill of Material and Production Order Global Control Setup

  • BOMP Global Control

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