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PO2000 P/O and Receiving Receivings Processing 8

Mass Receiving

The Elliott System that allows receiving an individual Purchase Order all at once rather than line by line.  It will receive items at the price ordered and at the quantity ordered.  Once received, the P.O. receiving is still open for review, editing or changes prior to posting the receiving. 

To utilize the feature go to P.O. Receiving Menu.  At the main Receiving menu bar, select Mass Receiving.  Once selected, a secondary window pops up and prompts you for P.O. information (See Figure below).  After you have entered the P.O. #, Receipt Date, and Hold Posting status, Elliott will receive the P.O. in its entirety, print a MASS PO RECEIVING REPORT, and then prompt you for the next P.O. for which you wish to do a Mass Receiving for.


Mass Receiving – P/O information entry screen

Landed Cost Receivings

 The Landed Cost feature touches 4 packages:

System Manager:                      Landed Cost Setup

Purchase Orders:                       Receive Landed Costs Items

Inventory:                                  Calculate Item Landed Cost

Accounts Payable:                     Post and Distribute Landed Cost

It is advisable that all data entry people from the above four departments coordinate and be aware of how Landed Cost works through out the system.

Purchase Order Receiving



Fields 10 and 12 are the keys in processing Landed Costs

Field 10:           Default Unit Cost from Purchase Order.  When you press enter here, a window will pop up with displaying the Landed Cost with the Landed Cost Factor applied, (Inventory Item File Maintenance, Field 92), or the last Landed Cost.  The cost that displays is based on the Landed Cost Setup Field 7.


In this popup window, the users has three choices:

1.                   Manually enter a Landed Cost Amount

2.                   Accept as is (Landed Cost Factor applied or the last Landed Cost)

3.                   Accept as is and put the line receiving on Hold, Field 12. 

Field 12:           If you select “N” the system will use the Landed Cost displayed above when you post.

If you select “Y” you will be prompted for a Vessel Number.  When the Inventory manager runs the calculation process in Vessel Maintenance, he/she can release this line item for posting.




Use the F7 or F8 to search for Vessel No.

In the distribution screen for this “Hold Posting: Y” line item, the system will display the default calculated Landed cost.  The true Landed Cost will be calculated in Inventory Vessel File Calculation.  After this process has been run, the P.O. line item receiving can be posted.


Distribution Screen:


Landed Cost Calculation (Inventory Vessel File Maintenance)














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