PO2000 P/O and Receiving Receivings Processing 9

Post Receivings Transactions

Application Overview

The Post Receivings Transactions application transfers all transactions previously created in Receivings Processing from the P/O Transaction File to several files and accounts.  Among the files updated are the I/M Item File, and I/M Distribution to G/L File.  Receivings transactions are also posted to the I/M Transaction Audit File if the Audit Trail On Inv. Transactions ? flag is set to Y in I/M Setup.

The application automatically generates a journal of all transactions posted during a run.  The journal provides essentially the same information as the Receivings Processing Edit List including purchase order number, item number, G/L accounts effected, unit and total cost.

 Note:  This application will only be used if P/O is set up for batch receivings processing.  The Online Update Receiving Trx ? flag in P/O Setup must be set to N for the system to allow access to this application. 


Run Instructions

 Select Post Receivings Transactions from the pull down P/O Processing window.  The following screen will then be displayed:


Post Receivings Transactions Entry Screen

      The following options are available:

                  *     Select the desired mode from the Post Receivings Transactions menu bar.

                  *     Enter the data requested on the screen.

      To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


Entry Field Descriptions



Type and Description

Do You Want To Post At This Time ?

Y or N.

Enter Y to post all receivings in the Transaction File to the appropriate files.  Defaults to N.



Post Receivings Transactions

Run Date: Oct 26, 2001 -  3:37am         Elliott Demonstration Company                                                     Page    1

                              R E C E I V I N G S   P R O C E S S I N G   J O U R N A L

Journal Number: PO0041 

P.O. Num  Line  Item Num         Item Description               Loc  Vendor Recvr  Qty Received        Land Unit Cost   Total Cost

        Doc No  Rec Date  Um                                  Serial/Lot  Exp M/Y  Qty Rejected   Reject Reason       Total Std Cost 

000016-00 001 K-6INWRNCH      6" Wrench                          LA  000100               12.00            2.7200            32.64

        000118  10/26/01  EA  (Tool Kit) 

      Accrual Acct:       02165-10000-00000       Receiving Accrual                             12.00- 

      Distributions:      02165-10000-00000       Receiving Accrual                             12.00 

000016-00 001 K-6INWRNCH      6" Wrench                          LA  000100  22           12.00            2.7200            32.64

        000119  10/26/01  EA  (Tool Kit)

      Accrual Acct:       02165-10000-00000       Receiving Accrual                             12.00- 

      Distributions:      01190-10000-00000       Kit Component                                 12.00 

                                        Total Qty Received:             24.00

                                        Total Cost:                     65.28 

                                        Grand Total Qty Received:       24.00

                                        Grand Total Cost:               65.28

Total Transactions Posted:          2                                                Tot Qty Recv     Tot Qty Rej   Grand Total Cost

                                                                                            24.00              .00            65.92

000007‑00 003 K‑SX1‑1.44      1.44 Drive For Personal            LA  000400  BCC          5.000          189.0000           945.00

        000102  06/25/92  EA  Computer  

      Accrual Acct:       04900‑00000‑00000       Inventory Clearing Account                    5.000‑  

      Distributions:      01190‑00000‑00000       Kit Finished Goods                            5.000  

000007‑00 004 K‑SX1‑IDE       386SX IDE Drive For Personal       LA  000400  BCC          3.000          255.0000           765.00

        000103  06/25/92  EA  Computer  

      Accrual Acct:       04900‑00000‑00000       Inventory Clearing Account                    3.000‑  

      Distributions:      01190‑00000‑00000       Kit Finished Goods                            3.000  

000007‑00 005 K‑SX1‑V512      VGA Card with 512 Ram              LA  000400  BCC          2.000           80.0000           160.00

        000104  06/25/92  EA  Chip Manual



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