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PORCNMNU P/O and Receiving P/O Reconciliation Process 2

Run Instructions


Purchase Order Menu Ò Processing Ò Reconciliation Processing

Updating and Maintaining P/O & A/P Account Reconciliation Files


P/O Receiving: We will start by entering and receiving a purchase order as shown in Figure 2A.5.  After posting P/O Receiving, the system will update the Receiving Account Reconciliation File where it can be maintained as shown in Figure 2A.6.




Figure 2A.5 shows a purchase order being received.



Figure 2A.6.


 After posting P/O Receiving, the system automatically updates The P/O Account Reconciliation file.




Processing A/P Transactions


During A/P transaction, the system will display a P/O Reconciliation Search window, (Figure 2A.7 next page).  You can easily select the line item by highlighting it and pressing <Enter>.  The voucher no. is 50138, and applied to P/O 000039-00. Note:  If you prepaid a P/O without receiving it, you will still need to enter the “Receiving Accrual Account”,  “P/O No.”, “Line No.”, “Qty”, and “Unit of Measure”.  After posting the A/P Transactions, the system updates the A/P Receiving Account Reconciliation File, Figure 2A.8 next page.  This is a maintained file that can be edited. 



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