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PRMANMNU Payroll Manual Transaction Processing 1

Manual Transaction Processing

Application Overview


Manual Transaction Processing is used to add, change, delete, and print an edit list of manual payroll transactions.  It should be used to enter any payroll transactions (handwritten checks, adjustments to previous payroll checks or historical figures kept on the Employee's record, or adjustments to General Ledger distributions or job distributions) that take place outside of the normal payroll processing run (via the Time Transaction Processing application).  A minimum of validation is done on the data entered here, since it is assumed in general that the manual transaction has already taken place.




All compensation for employees of employee type N (non‑employee) must be entered through this application.  Suitable earnings codes should be entered onto the Deduction/Earning Code File to cover compensation for non‑employees, and this compensation should be entered in one of the Other D/E fields on the Manual Transaction Processing screen.


The Payroll package prevents a non‑employee from being paid as a part of the normal payroll run.  Tax deductions and voluntary payroll deduc­tions are not meaningful for a non‑employee, and even though they will be stored on the non‑employee's Employee record if entered in this application, they will generally not appear on any tax or deductions reports within the package.


G/L Distribution


The second screen of this application, the distributions screen, will appear if Payroll Setup Distribute Pay To G/L? question is answered A, or if it is answered S and the Employee's record con­tains a Y or S in the Distrib? field (denoting detailed distribution to G/L).


If detailed distribution has not been requested, the regular, overtime and special pay amounts entered here will be automatically distributed to the employee's Wage account as entered on the Employee record.  Vacation, holiday and sick pay amounts will be distributed to Default accounts made up of the Expense account in Payroll Setup, as the main account, and the profit center account of the employee's Wage account.


If the employee has been marked for detailed distribution to G/L, the operator will be required to distribute all of the following amounts to selected G/L Distribution accounts before being allowed to terminate the screen:


Regular Hours                                                   Regular Pay

Overtime Hours                                                 Overtime Pay

Special Hours                                                   Special Pay

Vacation Hours                                                 Vacation Pay

Holiday Hours                                                   Holiday Pay

Sick Hours                                                       Sick Pay


If the employee is salaried and the regular hours are zero, the program assumes the employee was paid a salary, and distributes it on the basis of the percentage of salary, to 100 percent.


The basic reason that the hours must be distributed as well as the dollar amounts is the tracking of hours worked on specified jobs.  If job number usage is not selected when setting up the Payroll package (while entering Payroll Setup), the operator will still be required to distribute the hours before leaving the second screen.


The hours and dollar amounts may be distributed independently.  That is, the dollar amount entered for a particular distribution is not constrained to be equal to the hours times the rate entered.  This is to allow the Manual Transaction Processing application suffi­cient flexibility to handle any kind of adjustments the user may wish to make to the permanent Payroll files.


Even if no pay or hours have been entered on the first screen, if the employee is marked for detailed distribution to General Ledger, the program will proceed to the second screen anyway.  In this way, adjust­ments to General Ledger distributions or distribution to jobs can be made without affecting the employee's payroll figures.


If an employee is flagged for shift differential distributions in the Employee File, the user will have the option of entering a shift code during entry of distributions.  This code will calculate differences in pay rates between shifts.  For more information on shift codes, refer to the Shift Code File Maintenance section of this manual.


If your state uses Labor and Industry codes for calculating employee contributions to worker's compensation, the user may enter an L and I code following each distribution.  This code will calculate the employee and employer L and I premiums for the distribution based on information entered in the L And I Code File Maintenance application.  For more information, refer to that section of this manual.


To display or change distributions entered, the user can press the F1 key when positioned for entry of the distribution type.  Pressing of the F1 key will cause the first distribution to be found and displayed and the Any Change? question to be asked.  Answer Y to change or delete the distribution.  To delete the distribution press the RETURN key when the cursor is positioned for entry of the hours or percent.


If you press the F1 key for the type and answer N to Any Change? the distribution will roll down on the screen.  Pressing the F1 key again will then pull up the next distribution on file.  In this way you can display or change all the distributions on file.


In change mode, you can also change a distribution by entering its type, account number, and job.  Then the first distribution matching the type, account number, and job will have its hour, rate and amount displayed and the Right Distribution? question will be asked.  If you answer Y, you can then change the distribution.  If you answer N the next distribution with that type, account number and job is dis­played.  If there are no more distributions which match, the question No More Distributions ‑ Do You Wish To Add? is asked.  Then you can add a new distribution.


Run Instructions


Select Manual Transaction Processing from the pull down PR Pro




Manual Transaction Processing Entry Screen




The following options are available:


           *      Select the desired mode from the Manual Transaction Processing menu bar

           *      In the add and change modes of operation, the second screen (Distribution screen) will only appear if Payroll Setup Distribute Pay To G/L? question is answered A or if it is answered S and the employee has been flagged for detailed General Ledgerdistri­bution (by having a Y or S answer to the Distrib? question on the Employee record).

           *      Enter the data requested on the screen


To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


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