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PRMANMNU Payroll Manual Transaction Processing 4

Post Manual Transactions

Application Overview


The Post Manual Transactions application automatically updates your employee's payroll record and General Ledger files with the following conditions.


1.        The manual transaction amounts are posted to the Employee record.


       Any vacation or sick hours entered for the employee are subtracted from his vacation or sick hours due, and vacation hours are added to this vacation hours paid amount. If the Number of Weeks Worked field is non‑zero, then vacation and sick hours are accrued on the basis of the number of regular hours or weeks worked entered.


2.        The Manual transactions are posted to the Payroll History file.


3.        If check reconciliation has been included in the package, any manual payroll transaction for which the net pay amount is greater than zero is posted to the Payroll Check Reconciliation file.


4.        All distributions (including automatic distributions mentioned above) are posted to the Payroll Distribution file.


5.        If the use of job numbers has been included in the package, all distributions made to job numbers are posted to the Job History file.




NOTE:     Employer FICA liability and worker’s compensation are posted to the Employee file, if applicable, but a Worker's Compensation Premiums due are not posted.  These have to be entered manually via the General Ledger package, or entered as amounts to a liability and an expense account in two balancing distributions for the check. The latter method would keep the Worker's Compensation Premium posting accountable by check within payroll but requires you to do detailed distribution of pay for the transaction.


If no employee wage accrual account number has been entered in PR Setup or if it has been entered as all zeros, the user has the option of posting as of the check date or the pay period ending date.  If an accrual account number has been entered in PR Setup, posting will be done according to the accrual percentages entered in the Manual Transaction Processing application.


Run Instructions


Select Post Manual Transactions from the pull down PR Processing window.  The following screen will then be displayed:



Post Manual Transactions Entry Screen




The following options are available:


           *      Enter the data requested on the screen


To return to the menu bar, press the ESC or F10 key. To leave this application, press X for EXIT when positioned at the menu bar.


Entry Field Descriptions





Do You Want To Post At This Time?

Y or N.

Enter Y to post manual transactions or N decline.

Post Check To G/L With Which Date?

1 alphabetic character.

This field will only appear if no accrual account number has been entered in PR Setup, or if it has been entered as all zeros. 


Valid entries are:


P   =  Pay Period End Date

C   =  Check Date





Post Manual Transactions


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