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SYMENU System Manager Introduction 11

Run Instructions:  Message Boxes

We will help you create a General Event by example for an event that triggers a Message Box Notification regarding Procedures & Policies when someone accesses Inventory Item File Maintenance.  The steps used are basic to all General Events of this action type.


Step 1.


From the Item File screen select the General Events Icon from the menu tool bar or press “Ctrl-G.” (We are only in the Item File screen to get the program name IM0101.  If you already know the program name, you can create a General Event action from anywhere within Elliott.)


After selecting the General Events Icon or pressing Ctrl-G, you will be taken to Event Request Window listing all the General Events you have set up (Subscribed To).  See next page. 

General Event Subscription List


Subscription List – Shows first event we created in previous example

                                                        Type R = Recurring.  If it is a One Time Request

        Type O = One Time Request          


Create Subscription


Step 2.


In the Event Request Window List, press F5 to find IM0101.  Place the cursor on the event to highlight and then press <Enter> or double click the mouse to insert.



Once selected, the system takes us to the Event Action Request Window as shown below.


Step 3.             Disposition - Select Recurring


Step 4.             Select Msg Box


                        E-Mail Folder now changes to Msg Box Folder

                        Open Msg Box Folder




                        Icons available for Message Box display

                        Templates to be explained in detail for Specific Events



Complete Message



Save à            After refreshing cache memory, the next time a user goes to Item File Maintenance, the above message will pop up in a window.  See examples on the next page.



Msg Box Popup Window








Msg Box Details



Scenario Variations


Let’s assume the Msg Box we just created was to be used in conjunction with the Elliott Freight Calculation program just implemented and we do not want this window to pop up after 45 days.  To do this, we could manually delete the action in 45 days or let the system work more efficiently for us by adding an expiration date.


From anywhere in Elliott, click the General Events Icon, or press Ctrl-G, to access the Events Subscription List.



Select IM0101 and press <Enter> or double click to access Events Action Request window.


In the Events Action Request window click Expires radio button, calculate 45 days from today and pick the date on the calendar.



To Finish à     Press Okay and Save



Event Action Set To expire 11/11/01 at 12:00 am








Run Instructions: Tickler Actions



Ticklers are discussed in detail in the Notes chapter.  Applied to General Events; they are primarily used as a notification action substitute when e-mail is not available.


























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