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SYMENU System Manager Introduction 13

Run Instructions: Customer Notification


Scenario:         We have a customer who wants to be notified when an out-of-stock item he is interested in has been received into inventory.


                        Before proceeding, you should be familiar with writing General Event actions.     



Step 1.             From the Inventory Item File (change mode), bring up the record for the out of stock item.  In our scenario, it is Item CAS-1917 Leica. 


Click on the Specific Events Icon or press Ctrl-E to access the Event Request window.  The Spe text in the lower right hand corner designates Special Request Subscription Listings, which are kept separate from the General Events SubscriptionListing, (Gen).


Step 2.             In the Event Request Window, press F5 and Page Down to find and insert Program PO2002 (Receive Item).  This opens up the Event Action Request window shown below.







Step 3.             General Window



Action type                    = e-mail

                                                Disposition        = One-time request

                                                Expiration                      = not applicable to this case



Step 4.             Click Filters Folder


Filter the action by Customer and Item Number, see next page.

Filter File Folder For Program PO2002




Required Fields






Field Name      Operator                      Rule Value


                                    Item                  EQ (Equal To)                CAS-1917 Leica (Customer interest)


                                    Qty Received     GT (Greater Than)          1


                                    Location            EQ (Equal To)                LA (Location that services customer)


Synopsis:         After we complete the e-mail message, the next time Item CAS-1917 Leica is received into LA inventory via a Purchase Order, the system will trigger an e-mail to the customer that the item is now in stock.  However, at this point we cannot save the event because we have not completed the e–mail yet. 


Note:                Text entered in Rule Values is not case sensitive.  CAS-1917 Leica would be read the same as cAS-1917 LeICA.

Step 5.                         Click on E-Mail Folder and Complete E-mail Message




Completed E-Mail


Note:                In the Subject Line and Body Text we utilized Event Literals and Event Variables by right clicking our mouse in the line text and inserting what was applicable.  Using literals and variables ensures message accuracy, are a great time saver, and extremely useful in Templates which we will discuss later.  


Each event, such as PO2002, has its own set of Event Literals and Event Variables available to the user.  “Currently” all Field Names in the Filter Window are available as Event Literals and Event Variables.


Options:           If you do not want to wait on the customer to call and place the order, you could carbon copy yourself the e-mail.  Upon notification, you could call the customer for the order and tell them about how great your Customer Service is, (thanks to Elliott software).


                        If two or more customers were interested in the same item, they can be included in the e-mail address separated by a semi-colon or in the carbon copy (cc:) field.


                        If a customer does not have e-mail, you could e-mail yourself and follow up when the notification arrives.  It beats a hastily scribbled note or log book that keeps getting lost.



Step 6.             SAVE!




Note:                In e-mail action types, you cannot save the event until an addressee (e-mail recipient) has been entered.  If not saved and you <Escape Out> to exit, you will lose your work.  If you need to exit to access another Elliott function, we suggest you use a new session window or use your e-mail address in case the event is triggered before you have completed your work.

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