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SYMENU System Manager Introduction 15

Use Existing Template For A New Event

 In the previous example we wrote an event that notifies Salesman 320 of new orders and created a template to use with e-mail for that event.

As stated earlier, an Event is a program and the type of program it is.  What makes it Specific is tying it to  a specific record in a sub-menu, hence the name Specific Event.  In the previous scenario we used:


Sub-Menu                    Record                                                 Program          Type                            Description

ARSLMMNT                Salesman 320                                        CP0101         ADDORDSM               Add Orders for Salesman          



Sub-Menu                    Record                                                 Program          Type                            Description

ARSLMMNT                Salesman 100                                       CP0101          ADDORDSM              Add Orders for Salesman          


From A/R Salesman File Maintenance, Change Mode, select Salesman 100 and then click the Specific Events Icon or Ctrl-E.


Note that there are no Specific Events tied to Salesman 100

Press F5 to find, highlight and insert event CP0101 Add Orders For Salesman.


In the Event Action Request Window:


1.       Click e-mail

2.       Click recurring

3.       Click Never Expires

4.       Select Filters Folder


In the Filters Folder Window, Salesman Field:


1.       For Operator select “EQ” (Equal to)

2.       For Rule Value enter 100

3.       Leave all other fields blank since we want all orders for Salesman #100

4.       Select E-Mail Folder (see screen window below)











System notifies us that templates exist for Event CP0101 Add Orders For Salesman. 

In the E-Mail folder Window, Select Yes to use a template.


 Highlight Template to use and Click “Use Template”

  Clicking “Use Template” adds the template content to your E-Mail Message

“To: E-Mail Address” and Save.

Repeat the new event steps using the same e-mail template for other Salesmen as needed.  Although you will use the same Event Name, CP0101 Add Orders For Salesman, each occurrence will be a new Specific Event because it is tied to a specific salesman record.

Run Instructions: Buyer Notification

 Scenario:         Create an action to notify a buyer when an item’s Quantity Available goes 0 or negative balance.  

 Since Qty Available (Qty On Hand – Qty Allocated) is a calculation performed by COP at order entry time, we will need to use the COP program CPO0111 Add Order For Item and tie it to the item record in the Inventory Item File where Qty On Hand and Qty Allocated fields are stored.

                        Rather than do a new event for all items, we will use the “Subscribe To All” feature that creates the event for all items and use “Restrictions” to minimize e-mail.

Step 1.             In Inventory Item File Maintenance, Change Mode, open an item to create the Specific Event.  In this scenario, we will use item CAS-1917 Leica.

                        Click the Specific Events Icon or press Ctrl-G to open the Event Request Window.  Use the F5 Key to find and insert event CP0111 Add Order for Item.

Step 2.             General Window



                        Action Type                   = e-mail

                        Disposition                                = Recurring

                        Subscribe To All          = Click the box to activate all items - see below                    

Upper Portion of General Window

 The file we are using is IMITMFIL (Item file) and the record we are using is Item Number.

  When we click the Subscribe To All button, the system will select all records (Item Numbers) in the Item File (IMITML) as shown below.


All items in the Inventory File are now selected.

Step 3.             Click Filters Folder and Complete Filter Selections

                        Field Name                  Operator          Rule Value(s)

                        Location                        (Blank = ALL

                        Qty Available                 LE (<=)             0

Step 4.             Click E-Mail Folder and Complete


Note use of Event Literals and Variables.  Although optional to make a buying decision, the Order Number and Customer Number can be used for tracking and Customer Service of item(s) that went <= 0.

E-Mail Notification



 The end purpose of this event is to place a Purchase Order for items that go 0 or negative balance.  Once the P.O. arrives, you have adequate inventory for your re-ordering cycle, i.e. 30 days.  However, anytime a customer order is placed for that item, the buyer will receive an e-mail until the item is received into inventory.  In a hectic environment, it is possible to call a vendor and order the item every time the notification is received.

 Knowing there will be enough inventory for at least 30 days once the item arrives, we can reflect this in the Specific Event to eliminate unnecessary e-mail and the possibility of extra P.O.’s.

Restriction Added to Specific Event


Step 1.    Open Specific Event

Available in any item because we used

the Subscribe To All feature.

Step 2.    Click Restrictions Box

Step 3.    From Restrictions pop window

                Use top option to enter 20 days.


Step 4.    Save Restrictions

Step 5.    Save Event


Once we have received an e-mail

                notification for 0 or negative Qty Avl.,

                we will not receive another until 20 days

                has passed since we were first notified.



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