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SYMENU System Manager Introduction 16

Run Instructions: Sell More Notification

 Scenario:  Create an action to notify sales entry people to offer accessories for an item at time of order line entry.

In this scenario we will create an action that triggers a popup window listing any items that can be sold as an accessory to the item ordered.  The advantage of a popup window is that it is immediate and appears on the screen rather than having the user disrupt what they are doing to read e-mail.        

Step 1.  In Inventory Item File Maintenance, Change Mode, open an item.  For this scenario we will use item CAS-1917 Leica.  If you were using the tutorial database for these exercises up to now, you will note that the Specific Events window is now Red.  This indicates that a Specific Event exists for this item.  An item can have as many specific events as you want to manage, (use Elliott Popup Notes to identify each Specific Event by what it does rather by Action ID).

 Click the Specific Events Icon or press Ctrl-G to access the Event Request Window.  In this window press F5 to find, highlight and select event CP0111 Add Order for Item.  Once selected, the Event Action Request Window opens.


Step 2.             General Window

                       Action Type       = Msg Box  (E-Mail Folder changed to Msg Box Folder)

                        Disposition                    = Recurring


Step 3.             Click Msg Box Folder

                        Complete Message for Popup Window

                        (Same procedures as for Message exercise in General Event)

Step 5.             Save

Synopsis:  Program CP011 Add Order For Item goes to the Item File to find an Item.  If the item has a Specific Event tied to it that applies to the program, it will trigger that action.  In this case, the Message Box appears after the item ordering steps have been completed.  If the quantity ordered causes a negative or 0 Qty Available, it will also trigger the notification action we created in the last exercise.

      Since this action is item specific, there is no need to use Item filters.


  User finishes entering item, Msg Box pops up


    User Clicks Details – detailed message opens

Advanced Features


 This feature gives you two options:




Top Option

This should be used with caution because if an event is triggered twice in one day, the event recipient(s) will not get notified again until X number of days have passed since the first triggered event.


Bottom Option

Self-explanatory.  Very useful for give-away promotions, i.e. 1st 100 orders, callers, etc.







The system automatically tracks when, by who, and recipient history of the event.  If needed, this can serve as an auditing tool.


In the General Events Chapter we discussed how to set expiration date for an Event.  Now that you have become comfortable with writing events, we need to present Part II.

 After you have setup an Expiration Date, two Expiration options become available.  They are:

 1.                   Alert before expiring

 If enabled, it will open the Alert Tab where:

 A:         You create an Alert Message notifying the event e-mail recipient(s) that the event is due to expire in X number of days.  X number of days being user defined prior to the expiration date.

 B.         Extend the Expiration Date

 2.                   Notify when expired

 If enabled, it will open the Notify Tab where:

 A.         You create an Expiration Message notifying the event e-mail recipient(s) that the event has expired.












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