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SYMENU System Manager Introduction 20

Special Functions


Application Overview


Special Functions provide you with Tool Bar access to Customer, Vendor, Employee and Item information related to the literal fields defined in A/R, A/P/, P/R and I/M setup.  Additionally, Special Functions allows you to copy a customer to another company and provide you with an Item History Report in Inventory Item File Maintenance.


Run Instructions


A/R Main Menu à Maintenance à Customer File à Change



                                   Special Functions Icon


            Extra Customer Information                                                                                        




       A/R Setup

User Defined Literals



Copy Customer To




D:\ELLIOTT\DATA = Directory for Company ABC, Inc.



Customer Copied to Company ABC, Inc.



Note:    Copy To will also copy:


1.       Notes

2.       Extra Customer Information



Copy To will not copy:


1.       eContacts

2.       Attributes

3.       Events




Master File – Inventory Item History Special Function




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