Feature - Plus WO Operation Number Default Increment

Release Date - 10/2/17

This feature allows the user to specify the increment used when copying a routing when creating a Plus Work order. They system currently always uses a value of 10. New options have been added to BOMP Global Setup that allow the user to control this increment value:

12. Increment Operation Numbers by 10 by Default? - The default value for this option is Y. If set to N, the user has the ability to specify the increment that will be used.

13. Default Increment Operation Numbers By  - A non-zero value that will be used to increment the operation number when a routing is copied to a Plus Production Work Order.

This change affects several applications. For example, when assigning a general routing to an item number, Item File Maintenance will prompt the user for an operational increment. If the user has defined a different increment in Global Setup, this field will default to the user-defined value.


When importing new items to the Item Master using an ASCII or CSV file, the increment will also default to the value specified in BOMP Global Setup if applicable.                         

When creating a standard routing for the item and adding operations, the operations numbers will increment based upon this new setup value instead of increasing by 10:

When a general routing is expanded, the increment is based upon the increment specified in BOMP Operation ID File Maintenance for the pointer operation ID. This field normally defaults to 1. 

Let’s say if we have a regular routing of operation 10, 20, and 30. Say, operation 20 is a general routing. If that general routing has 3 operations, when the Plus Work Order is created we will have operation 10, 20, 21, 22 and 30.  However, if the general routing has an increment of 20, this would cause a problem when the general routing is expanded.

A new error message has been added to warn the user of this issue.

If the general routing is the last operation or the only operation in the standard routing, the larger increment will not be an issue.

When creating the standard routing in routing maintenance, the increment is either 10 or it is based upon the new user-defined value. When a general routing is expanded when copied into the Plus Production Work Order, the first operation will use the standard increment but the subsequent operations will use the increment specified for the BOMP Operation ID.

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