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SYMENU System Manager Introduction 28

Using eContacts in COP


The following are just a few examples of how you can use eContacts to improve Customer Service and user productivity:



Change Primary Contact For Order


Open eContacts in either the order header, line item entry or billing screen.  This will open the contacts available for the order customer of record and show the Primary Contact.  Notice that contact window displays:  Select Contacts for SalesOrd: 002079. 




To Change Order Contact:          Highlight eContact (left window) and click the right caret icon (>) or double click to add.  Double right caret (>>) Adds All


To Remove Previous Contact:      Highlight eContact (right window) and click the left caret icon (<) or double click to remove.  Double left caret (<<) Removes All



New Order Contact Added

Old Contact Removed


Maintain:  Allows maintenance to the

eContact records, add a new record,

send e-mail, add notes and view




NOTE:  The right window will be the

contacts available for SalesOrd: 002079

(see next page).


Order Inquiry:  Order 002079


Even in Inquiry Mode, all eContacts functions are available.



eContacts Review



An eContact record is its own entity.  If it does not belong to or part of any master record, it is only linked to a master record; in our examples presented, a Customer File and Sales Order.  In each relationship, the contact’s Position, Web Access, and Billing/Credit information are unique to that relationship.


Any notes you create for an eContact, regardless of where they were created, will be available globally for that contact.


The e-mail address is the eContact identifier.  If you change the e-mail address, the system creates a new eContact for that e-mail address. 


eContacts authenticates a contact and allows you to grant them Inquiry, Add, Change, and Delete permissions to files you make available on your web site. 


eContacts integrates to the Elliott Software and Elliott Web Solutions.  The biggest advantage of eContacts in the Elliott Software is quick access to contacts in a relationship with a master record and immediate e-mail capabilities from the eContact record.  They can improve user productivity and enhance Customer Relationship management.


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