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SYMENU System Manager Introduction 29

Mass E-Mail


Application Overview


Mass E-Mail is designed to give you great flexibility and usability in creating and managing outgoing e-mail.  Integrated with Elliott Software, eContacts and Elliott Web solutions, Mass E-Mail allows you to group your mailings by up to twelve categories (Customers, Vendors, Salesmen, etc.) and gives you 10 “And/Or” selection filters based on any field in a master record, such as Customer File and Vendor File. 


With the template feature, you can use variables to access fields in the master record and tailor the Mass E-Mail message with information that applies only to each individual recipient.  Another plus feature is that you can export a mailing list to an ASCII CSV file format for use with other software programs.


Run Instructions


Mass E-Mail is a stand-alone module that uses the Elliott eContacts File as its database for e-mail addresses.  Open the Elliott desktop folder and click Mass E-Mail.  Alternatively, you may create a short cut or use the start command *:\**\EL700ME.EXE from the Run window or command prompt, (* is the disk drive where Elliott is installed and ** is your Elliott directory).



Elliott Mass E-mail Processor Screen

Entry Field Descriptions – Content Tab




Select Group of Contacts



Customers:                                                                          eContacts in A/R Customer file                                                (ARCUSFIL)

Ship-To Locations:                                              eContacts in COP Ship-To File                                        (CPSHPFIL)

Sales Order Headers:                                        eContacts in COP Order Header File                (CPORDHDR)

Sales Order Line Items:                     eContacts in COP Order Line Item File                (CPORDLIN)

Sales History Transactions:              eContacts in COP Order History File                (CPHSTTRX)

Vendors:                                                                                eContacts in A/P Vendor file                                                (APVENFIL)

Purchase Order Headers:                 eContacts in PO Header File                                            (POORDHDR)

Purchase Order Line Items:              eContacts in PO Line Item File                                         (POORDLIN)

Salesman:                                                                            eContacts in A/R Salesman file                                                (ARSLMFIL)

Invoice Headers:                                                 eContacts in Invoice Header File                     (CPINVHDR)

Invoice Line Items:                                              eContacts in Invoice Line Item File                  (CPINVLIN)

Employees:                                                                          eContacts in employee files                                                (PREMPFIL)


Only one Group type can be selected per mass mailing.  However, in the tab “2. Selection”, the eContact record and additional master records are available.


NOTE:     We listed the master record file name because all fields from this file are available as selection criteria, as well as the fields in the additional master records.


Mass E-Mail subject


Attach document if needed

Interact with E-Mail Client

Click to use your default e-mail program


Note:      Differences between the Elliott E-mail Processor and other e-mail programs will be discussed when we build a template.



Click to use or create template.  Building templates will be discussed later.



Field Entry Descriptions – Selection Tab


This screen allows you to filter search criteria down to a specific field name within a master record.  To further enhance the program, we include additional master records to sub-define additional fields not in the main master record.  For example:


Mass E-Mail to customers (ARCUSFIL) who have not placed an order in the last 90 days (CPHDRFIL) for selected Salesman Territories (ARSLMFIL).




             Elliott Mass E-mail Selection Screen





Field/Attribute Name
















Click the down triangle () to access fields and attributes within master records.  For example:  For Sales Order Contacts, the following master records are available:









To delete a Field/Attribute Name from your selection, click the X Box.





Operators Available:

EQ          Equal To                                                                               

NE          Not Equal To

GT           Greater Than

GE          Greater Than or Equal To

LT           Less Than

LE           Less than or Equal To

BT           Between


Value for the Field/Attribute Name.


NOTE:                     If Value is entered as 123 ABC the space could indicate                                                  “OR” or “BETWEEN” depending on the operator used.

                                                If Value is entered as “123 ABC” the quotation marks make                                         it a string, (one word).        


Examples              = 123 ABC means Equal to 123 or ABC

                                                ¹ 123 ABC means Not Equal to 123 or ABC

                                                BT 123 ABC means Between 123 and ABC

                                                = “123 ABC” means Equal to 123 ABC


Date format          = YEARMMDD

                                                LE 20010705 means less than or equal to (on or before)                                                       July 5, 2001


All are True   (AND)

Any are True (OR)

Applies to column of the Field/Attribute Names selected.

You can only choose one statement.

Send to contacts that do want e-mail?

If clicked, this would override eContact records that have checked “Do not send Mass E-Mail”.

Sent to contacts with blocked access?

If clicked, this would override the eContact records that have checked “Block Web Access.”

Interact with E-mail Client

The user has the option of using their default e-mail program such as Outlook or using the Elliott E-mail Processor.  The difference between Elliott and others are detailed at the end of this chapter.

Use Templates

See Templates Topic in this chapter for a better understanding of what can be done.


Field Entry Descriptions – Get Records


When you first go to Tab 3. Get Records, you will have an empty screen and must click the Get Records box in lower menu.  This will bring up the Contact Group records from Tab 1 that meet the selection criteria in Tab 2.



             Get Records Screen – Completed



NOTE:  After you complete “Get Records”, the system will display the number of records matched in the lower left screen.  An eContact with more than one relationship will be consolidated into one record to avoid duplicate e-mails.  In the above figure, one eContact had two relationships and that is why the figure displays “8 of 9 records matched.”




Field Entry Descriptions – Get Records






Company Name listed in default order by Customer Number.  In the Reference column bar, left click mouse to sort alphabetically in ascending order and left click mouse again to sort in descending order. 


eContact name                                    Same sort features in Name Menu Bar


eContact e-mail address   Same sort features in E-mail Menu Bar


Master record of eContact source

Get Records



When you highlight a record, you can use this button to delete it.  This is an additional way to edit your e-mail list beyond the criteria you selected.


Gives you the option to specify a short delay between outgoing email messages to minimize the burden on your network.

Test Send

Allows you to send a test e-mail to preview the outgoing message.  This is very useful for editing, proofing and finalizing.  To “Test Send” you must be logged into your e-mail program as you will be asked for an email address.

Send Now

Click this button to send your Mass E-Mail.  To send, you must be logged into your e-mail program.  When you use “Send Now”, the system will prompt you with a Confirmation Message as to the number of messages you are sending out and if you want to continue.

Export ASCII























Allows you to select fields from all master records available.  Click folder to open, open Fields folder, highlight field, drag and drop into Fields To Export window or click the Right caret (>).  After you have selected the fields you want to export, define the drive and file name you want to Export To and then click Export. 


Clicking the Rolodex Icon will select all fields from the Contact File for Export.

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