VA API Changes (V9.0)

VA: Verify Access 

Elliott V9.0 supports a series of 999 security flags to control access by users to specific features in the software.  At runtime, the VA,nnn API is sent (where nnn is a number identifying the security flag) and either “Y” or “N” is returned in SCREEN-ANSWER, indicating whether or not the user has authority to perform the function.  In addition, the security literal is returned in SCREEN-LITERAL.

The VA API will search for a flag setting in the following order:

The company-specific record for the user in the SYRIGHTS file.
The company-00 record for the user in the SYRIGHTS file.
The company-wide default setting in SYRIGHTS.

If the record is not found, then the API will continue to the next scenario.  The company-specific and company-00 settings for a user can be set using the Security Setup menu under Password Setup from the Utilities menu on the main menu.

The company-wide default settings can be set using the Global Security Setup menu under System after selecting Global Setup under Utilities on the main menu.

The changes displayed in bold below are changes to the API for V9.0. 

Screen Parameters: VA,00 

Clears the NS Control File Cache, called whenever the Company changes. 

This function is no longer necessary in v9.0. 

Screen Parameters: VA,PG,by,01,02,PK

Verifies whether or not SMA-USER-NAME has access to the specified menu option, (e.g., VA,PG,M ,03,00,AR Screen-Alpha-Field=ARCUSMNT for delete mode of Customer File Maintenance)

by = passed byte for program (M for maintenance, P for Posting, I for Inquiry, etc.)

01 = menu level

02 = submenu-level

PK = Package indicated in the SYSEGUID table

Screen-Alpha-Field = program name to check

Returns Y or N in SCREEN-ANSWER  and the menu literal in SCREEN-LITERAL.


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