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Feature - How to Not Update Previous Tracking Note in Shipment Data Update

Release Date: 11/3/2017

A flag is added to Global Setup -> COP-Func -> Shipment Data Update
    21. Allow to Override Previous Tracking Note?
The default value is "N."  See sample screen below:

This flag controls the behavior in COP -> Processing -> Print Pick/Pack Ticket & Lbls -> Shipping -> Shipment Data Update.

In the previous implementation, the Shipment Data Update screen allowed users to revise previous tracking numbers on the order. It read the previous tracking note and loaded the tracking number in the Shipment Data Update screen. Even if the tracking number was not changed, it deleted the previous tracking note and wrote the new tracking note based on its expected format.

If previous tracking note was not saved in the expected format, or if there were multiple tracking numbers, then this behavior could be problematic. Sometimes users only wish to update the Freight or Misc. Charges field without affecting the previous tracking note.

By setting this flag to "N,", when the Shipment Data Update program detects the previous tracking note, it will only display the tracking number and will not allow users to change it.  After the user makes the necessary changes to order header fields -- like Freight, Misc. Charges, Ship Via...etc. -- the tracking note will not be affected.



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