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Problem Running Elliott After Upgrading Windows 10 to Fall Creator Edition

Release Date: 11/17/2017

There was an incident reported to Netcellent where, after upgrading Microsoft Windows 10 to the Fall Creator Edition, the user started to experience the following problems when running Elliott:
  1. Performance Problem
  2. Print Option Window Lockup
This problem has been replicated in the following environment:
  • On Windows 10 Home Edition
  • Installed the Windows 10 Fall Creator Edition (Build 1709) 
  • PSQL engine and Elliott data reside on the local machine
This is one combination that we confirmed would have this problem, and our customer who experienced it is running in the same environment. There could be other combinations that result in similar issues.

Performance Problem
A user reported that running a particular Elliott function that used to take a few seconds can now slow down significantly to a few minutes.

Print Option Window Lockup
When the user tried to print a report, the print option window took forever to come up and just locked up.

At this moment, if you experience this problem, the only solution is to reverse your Windows 10 Fall Creator Edition update. The uninstall is a bit different than uninstalling other software.  Please see the following article for details:

Additional Information
  • This problem does not happen if the “Windows 10 Fall Creator Edition” is not installed. According to the customer, the problem did not occur prior to installing the update.
  • This problem does not happen if we run against a remote server. For example, in the test environment, if we run Elliott on the Windows 10 workstation with the Fall Creator Edition against a Windows 2008 R2 server where the Elliott folder resides, the problem does not occur. Most of our users will fall into this category where they are running Elliott on workstations against a server installed on another machine. Therefore, this particular issue would be limited to a much smaller subset of Elliott users.


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