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AP Laser Check Layout

Release Date: 12/4/2017

Q - I would like to phase out the old dot matrix AP check and start implementing AP check printing through a laser printer.  Can you provide a layout of an AP laser check so I can have my local printer print them?  Thanks.

A - First of all, we don't recommend using your own local printer to produce the AP laser checks.  You should contact the following company to order your AP laser checks:

Contact: Michael Kuo
Company: CompuForms, LLC
Phone: 626-442-5602
We are aware of many examples of misaligned AP laser checks created by our users' local printers.  The price from CompuForms is competitive, so we don't believe you can save much by going to your local printer. At least, you should not order your first batch of AP laser checks from your local printer.  Once you have received the first batch of AP laser checks from CompuForms, then if you want to explore the possibilities of using a local printer as you move forward, you can do so because you will have the exact layout.

The following is a layout we are providing for your reference.  But do not use this to produce your final copy with your local printer because they may not match exactly.

CompuForms provides both AP laser checks and payroll laser checks for Elliott Business Software. Generally speaking, the laser form and the dot matrix form layout are almost the same. The difference is the laser version uses regular letter size (8.5” x 11”) as shown above.  The top two-thirds of the laser form is identical to the dot matrix format.  The bottom third has an extra check stub. So the laser form doesn’t need to print duplicate copies. You just need to keep one stub (the bottom one) for office filing purposes.


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