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Steps Required to Test ReportWriter in V8.2

The following steps are required to be able to test Elliott ReportWriter, which is being developed for Elliott v8.3, in Elliott v8.2
  • Copy the RW directory and all its files and subdirectories from M:\Elliott7 to the target root directory (e.g., M:\ELILIP).  (Done)
  • Modify EL800.Cfg in the target \Bin directory.  Add the following sections:  (Done)


Server= is optional.  It defaults to the local computer (environment variable ComputerName).
Root= is optional.  It is the PSQL database name for the root directory, and defaults to ELIROOT.
Company01= is optional.  It is the PSQL database name for Company 01, and defaults to ELI83DATA. 
CompanyNN= entries are optional database names that point to the other companies under the root directory.  They default to ELI83DATAnn.
COMPADDR= is optional.  It names the Company Address image file for displaying on reports and defaults to COMPADDR.PNG.
COMPLOGO= is optional.  It names the Company Logo image file for displaying on reports.  It defaults to COMPLOGO.PNG.

  • Modify EL800S.Cfg in the target \Bin directory.  Add the following sections:  (Done)

ARSTMSCN=Legacy AR Statement
ARSTMENTL=Lipsey's Statement
These entries will result in a selection dialog when the menu item associated with ARSTMSCN is selected.  In this case, the user can select among three options:

ARSTMSCN   Legacy AR Statement
ARSTMENT   Statement
ATSTMENTL  Lipsey's Statement

  • Modify EL800U.Cfg in the target \Bin directory.  This section is optional and is used only to override corresponding selections in EL800S.Cfg.

ARSTMSCN=Legacy AR Statement
ARSTMENT=ReportWriter Statement
  • Create required databases in PSQL ControlCenter.  You need a database like ELI83DATA for each company that will use ReportWriter.  For example, to test Company 96, create a database named ELI83DATA96 (or something else -- this is the default naming convention) and point its dictionary to M:\Elliott7\bin\DDF83 and its data to the appropriate data directory.
  • Set up Images for COMPADDR and COMPLOGO (optional).  If you want an image to appear on the top left of each report page, create a company directory under \RW\Images, like RW\Images\96, and place an image file there.  If the image file is not available, the name and address will appear in its place.
Having made these changes, you will now be able to run both legacy and ReportWriter statements when you select Print Statements from the Control Center.

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