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Elliott Telephony Integration - How to Call through My Telephone Set from eContact?

Release Date: 12/15/2017

Q - In the eContact screen, I see there's a "Call" button.  When I click on it, it comes up with an interface to allow me to call that number. See sample screen below:

My question is how do I make this function integrate with my phone system so if I click on "Call," it will dial out through our user's telephone set?

A - Starting with Elliott V8.0, we support Microsoft Telephony Services. So the issue is whether your telephony provider supports Microsoft Telephony Services or not. If it does, then it should work with Elliott. If it does not, then in won’t work. To be clear, Elliott does not talk to your telephony provider directly. We only talk to the middleman, which is Microsoft Telephony Services. So if your telephony provider also talks to Microsoft Telephony Services, we can use this middleman to communicate.


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