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Laser Form Templates Are Missing When Printing Duplicate Invoice

Release Date: 01/03/2018

Q - I am trying to print a duplicate invoice using laser form 77. It is not available in the selection list. But when I print a regular invoice, it is available there.

A - The reason this happened has to do with the fact that we separate regular invoice printing and duplicate invoice printing under two different task names.  In the past, both regular invoices and duplicate invoices were called the same task name: CPINVPRT.  Starting with Elliott 8.2, we wanted to allow users to individually control the behavior (specifically, PDF PostOffice) of regular invoice printing and duplicate invoice printing. For example, a user may want to print a regular invoice with a hard copy. But on the other hand, a user may want to use PDF PostOffice for duplicate invoice printing.  To enable the user to do this, we used the task name CPINVPRT for regular invoice printing, and CPINVPRH for duplicate invoice printing.  

The associated problem of this approach is that the new laser form invoice you defined for a regular invoice (CPINVPRT) will not be available for a duplicate invoice (CPINVPRH).  You could solve this problem by defining the laser form in both places.  Some users do not like the idea of doubling their work, so they asked if there is a way to copy it.  Below is the procedure on how you can copy an invoice laser form defined for CPINVPRT to CPINVPRH:

1. Export NWSMFORM.BTR File
Go to the command prompt and change to the directory of your Elliott data directory.  Use BUTIL -SAVE to export the NWSMFORM.BTR file to NWSMFORM.TXT (assuming NWSMFORM.TXT does not exist.) See the following sample:


You need to use an editor like NOTEPAD to edit the NWSMFORM.TXT file.  Each line will look like something like the following:

    191,AP08P2  01HBM
    191,AP08P2  01HDL..
191 refers to the record size.  For the NWSMFORM.BTR file, all records will have a size of 191.  AP02P2 is the task name.  01 is the form ID.  What you need to do is to use the editor to delete all records from the beginning until you reach 191,CPINVPRT77... 

Delete Everything before 191,CPINVPRT77. Then Delete everything after 191,CPINVPRT77...  So only entries like 191,CPINVPRT77 are left. See sample screen below:

3. Mass Change "CPINVPRT" to "CPINVPRH"
Now mass change "CPINVPRT" to "CPINVPRH." See sample screen below:

Now save the NWSMFORM.TXT file.  Use the following BUTIL at the command line to import the NWSMFORM.TXT file to the NWSMFORM.BTR file:


You should see a message similar to the following sample screen:

Note - Using the BUTIL utility to perform an import function can pose risks and compromise your database integrity.  Netcellent is not responsible if you should corrupt your database through using BUTIL to import data.  Use this utility at your own risk.


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