Change - Shipping Verification Box Edit Serial Numbers

Release Date - 1/2/18

In Shipping Verification, when the user presses the F5 key to edit box information, items can be added and deleted to/from different boxes. For serialized items this means the deletion and addition of serial numbers in addition to item numbers. Shipping Verification has been changed to verify that the quantity confirmed for an item matches the number of the serial number for the item in each box. 

Once the user deletes a serial number from a box and then uses the F5 key to add another box to the order, the system will check if it is serialized and if the number of serial numbers scanned matches the quantity confirmed. If it does not, an asterisk will be placed to the right of the box/item quantity.

If the user attempts to exit the box edit screen, they will receive this message:

If Shipping Verification is configured to display the DONE message boxes, the user will also see this: 

To resolve this, the user will either need to highlight the line, press Enter, and scan the serial number, or delete the line and re-scan the serial numbers with the correct box number from the main Shipping Verification screen.    

Programs Modified: CPSHPVER


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