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Spooled Reports Manager Error Due to Incomplete Windows Update

Release Date: 1/11/2018

The following scenario has been reported by an Elliott reseller:

There's a user site that uses Terminal Server exclusively for Elliott Business Software.  They have 2 terminal servers. User reported that they receive the following errors in Spooled Reports Manager with Elliott 8.2:

The following unanticipated error is causing Elliott Spooled Reports to shut down:
The type initializer for 'DevExpress.XtraGrid.GridControl' threw an exception.
Please notify your Elliott support representative.
See .\Log\SRErrors.Log for a more complete description

We asked the user's IT to check if the message is on other work stations or if it is on all of them. The answer was that it is on some of them and they are all on the same Terminal Server. We then asked the IT to check if there was any anti-virus update or Windows update. In the problematic Terminal Server, there was a Windows update that was not completed and was waiting to restart. As soon as the Windows update was completed and after restarting the Terminal Server, Elliott spooled reports worked.

So the lesson is if there's a Windows update that's not complete, you could receive a strange error in Elliott.


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