Feature - Prompt Before Sending Event Email in V8

Release Date: 01/22/2017

In Elliott Version 8, it is now possible to configure individual users to be prompted before sending emails generated by events.  For example, if a particular user is testing an Elliott function and does not want to automatically send event emails, that user can be configured with this ability.

To change the default setting to allow prompting before sending event emails, go to System Utilities in the Elliott Control Center and select Password Setup.  On the Password Setup screen, select the Change menu and enter the User ID of the user.  Position to the new parameter shown below:

After you set the field to Y, every event email generated by that user will be subject to verification before sending.  When one or more event emails are generated, you will see a message like the following at the bottom, right corner of your screen::

The upper part of the screen shows part of the first event email that needs to be sent or skipped.  You can press Send this email or Skip this email to either send or skip this email.

The first red box shows that there are 3 emails in total to be processed.  When you press Send this email or Skip this email, that email will be sent or skipped, and the next email will be displayed for you to handle.  In that way, you can make individual decisions for each event email to be processed.  Once you are comfortable knowing the number of event emails you are generating, you might want to press Send all emails or Skip all emails at once, to save some time.

The second red box displays a countdown.  When the screen is presented, a countdown starts from approximately 30 seconds.  If you take no action within those 30 seconds, the countdown reaches zero and all the emails will be sent.  This might be useful, for example, if you start a report that generates one or more event emails when it is done, and, before the report finishes, you get distracted or leave your desk.  When the event emails are processed, the screen will wait 30 seconds and then send the emails.  So, the default behavior is still to send the event emails if you do not intervene in some way.  Each time you send or skip an event email, if there are remaining emails to be considered, the countdown will be restarted at 30 seconds.  You can press Stop the countdown if you need more time to decide whether or not to send the email.  The countdown cannot be restarted after that.  

Once all emails are processed, whether by sending, skipping or allowing the countdown to reach zero, the program checks again for event emails.  If there are any new emails to verify, the first one will be shown and the countdown will start again.

You cannot close this window until you have either sent or skipped all of the emails shown.

Note:  During deferred processing, there will be no event email prompting -- all emails are sent automatically.



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