Feature - Add "Related Quotes" Option to Where-Used Inquiry

Release date: 1/23/2018

A new option, F4=Related Quotes, has been added to the Single Level Where-Used Inquiry screen.

If the user presses F4, the the following window “Single Level Where-Used Related
Quote” will pop up. The screen is similar to Single Level Where-Used Inquiry,
 with added information about the order.

By default, when the user first drills down to this screen, it will show 12 months worth of history.

The user can hit the ESC key to modify the number of months, up to a maximum of 99 months.  Other fields subject to editing are:
                Component Item No    - passed from the Where Used Inquiry 
                Active Item Only?    - passed from the Where Used Inquiry
                Location             - passed from the Where used Inquiry

Press ESC multiple times to exit this screen.

The Quo: quantity in the upper right-hand corner is the number of quotes on file for the parents of the component specified.
The Qty: field is the total quantity needed for all of the quotes for the time period specified.

Cost, Margin, and Margin % fields will appear, subject to Global User security and Item Product Category rules for hiding the Cost fields. If the user does not have rights to see the Cost, Cost, Margin, and Margin % fields will not appear on the screen. if the user does have rights to Cost information, the Item Product Category "Hide Cost ?" field may also control display of those fields.  If the value for "Hide Cost ?" is "N," the value "N/A" will appear instead of a true value.

The Enter key will take the user to the Order Inquiry screen to view the quote.  
The F2 key will take the user to the Stock Status Inquiry screen for the parent. 
The F3 key will take the user to the ATP Inquiry screen for the parent.         

Modified programs: BMWUSEIQ, BMWUSEQT (new)


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