Print 4x6 Shipping Labels on Thermal Printer Without Using Bartender

Release Date: 01/24/2018

Elliott integrates with Bartender for many of its label printing functions.  Bartender is extremely flexible and powerful and fulfills all kinds of label printing requirements.  But Bartender requires separate licensing.  If your printing requirement is not complicated, you can use Elliott to generate the labels directly.  The following procedure outlines how to print a 4x6 shipping label on a thermal label printer (Zerbra GC420d printer).

1.      Label Code -- Create Label Code from Label Code file (Main à System Utilities à Label Code file)

a.      Adding Label Code # 6,
b.      Total Label Lines = 36 (6 inches x 6 lines per inch = 36),
c.      Label Top Margin = 10 to reserve top 10 lines for header (Company Name and Return Address).

2. Set Default Label Code in COP Setup file, Field #17 = 6

3.      Label Format – Select Label Format from Global Setup à COP-Func à Pick Ticket/Ship Label,  field # 2.

a.      Options: 1 = 1” content, 2 = 1.5” content, 3 = 2” content, 4 = 3’ content
b.      We recommend that you select 3 (2” content) in this example 

4. Print label from Elliott Instead of Bartender: Go to Global Setup -> System -> Barcode Printing Setup, flag "7. Enable COP Shipping Label Print Function."  Answer either "N" or "B."  The possible values are:

  1. "Y" = Yes, export CSV file for Bartender printing.
  2. "N" = No, do not export CSV file. Elliott will print the label directly to the printer.
  3. "B" = Both As Menu Option.  Elliott will provide both menu options to either print to Bartender or print to printer directly.

5. Create a Laser Form Template to control paper size and input Company Return Address. See sample screen below:

Note the Form Feed After Line# is setup 36, which matches the label code 6.  That is to say, at line 36, the laser form template will force a form feed.  The thermal printer will then advance the label to the proper label break point for next label. Therefore, this instruction will actually work for 4x6, 4x7 or 4x8...etc.  There will just be more wasted space with 4x7 and 4x8 labels.

Also note the page width is set to 8.5" even though the label width is only 4".  This is because internally, Elliott treats the minimum page width as 80 columns.  Setting the page width to 8.5" will cause Elliott to set up the proper font to print on the label.

When you do the Preview, make sure the Laser From Template looks like the following:

Finally, you can go to COP -> Processing -> Pick/Pack Ticket & Ship Label -> Print -> Shipment Labels, enter the order you would like to print the label for, and hit the ESC key to print.  Make sure you select the right printer and the corresponding laser form template you created in step 5.  Your label should look iike something like the following:

Note - Elliott printing only supports fixed spacing fonts.  If you want to make this label look fancier, you may need to consider Bartender.


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