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Does Elliott V8.x Support Additional Fonts To Be Added?

Release Date: 01/31/2018

Q - I downloaded font OPTIMAL LT to my Windows Fonts folder.  But when I go to Elliott V8 and click on the "TT" tool bar icon, the OPTIMAL LT font does not show up as a valid selection.  See sample screen:

Does Elliott V8 allow additional fonts to be added?

A - If you can add additional “Fixed Spacing” fonts to your Windows fonts folder, then they will be available for Elliott to use. Keep in mind that many fonts are “proportional spacing” fonts. For example, Arial and Times New Roman are “proportional spacing” fonts. That is to say, the upper case “W” will take significantly more width to display than lower character “I.”  Elliott does support “proportional spacing” fonts.

In your case, we can look up online and see that the OPTIMAL LT font is clearly a proportional spacing font which has variable width length per character.  Therefore, Elliott does not support this kind of "proportional spacing" font.  See sample below:


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