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Feature - Pick Ticket FFL Address Mismatch Event

Release Date: 3/5/2018

In the Elliott firearms industry vertical solution, the user can import the FFL master database from the BATF website.  The Elliott system can then match the customer, ship-to and order address against this FFL master database. However, the FFL master database could be a few months old.  Therefore, when the system performs the matching of an address, it is generally done on a warning (advisory) basis instead of a hard stop. For this reason previously, at time of pick ticket printing, Elliott did not validate against this master FFL database.

In this new release, the Elliott pick ticket printing process can optionally validate against the master FFL database.  Because this FFL database is provided on an advisory basis, the system will not stop the order.  Instead, a "Pick Ticket  FFL Address Mismatch" event is triggered without putting the order on hold.  You can subscribe to this event and be notified.  The idea is that the order may be a potential problem and someone needs to use BATF's FFL EZ Check website to confirm if the ship-to address is OK.

To enable this feature, you must first go to Global Setup -> System -> Comp. Specialized Control -> Change -> Gun -> Change. Go to Screen 5, and answer “Y” or “W” for flag “11. In Pick Ticket”. See sample screen below:

The only difference between “Y” or “W” is that the event message will be a little bit different. But there’s no material difference since the system checks this flag, so you have the option to turn off this event if you so choose.

Then you can go to Customer File Inquiry/Maintenance and subscribe to this event. See sample screen below:

The following is a list of variables supported by this event:

The following is a sample email created by this event:

The system will check the following three conditions:
  • Address Does Not Match FFL (the number portion of the street address only)
  • Zip Code Does Not Match FFL (the first 5 digits of the zip code only)
  • FFL Master Record Not Found
This event will not be triggered in the following condtions:
  • No BATF items on the order per product category or user-defined code setup.
  • The FFL number is a valid fake FFL number (i.e., ship-to is exempt from FFL requirement) per Global Setup.

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