How to Print Pick Ticket Default to Proper Destination by Location

Release Date: 04/02/2018

Q - I have multiple warehouses (third party) in CA, NY and FL.  I would like to print pick tickets to PDF and email them to my corresponding third party for that warehouse. How do I do that?

A - First of all, you can already print pick tickets to PDF and email them in Elliott 8.2.  See sample screen below.

If you only have one warehouse location to email the pick ticket to, then this is easily doable.  But since you have multiple locations, you'll want  to email to the corresponding third party warehouse. To do this, you need to "trick" the pick ticket into thinking that the workstation ID is different for each warehouse location, so you can set up a different email address per location.

To do so, go to Global Setup -> Cop-Func -> Pick Ticket/Ship Label,
                15. Default Pick Ticket Printer by Location?
You want to answer “Y” for this flag. 

What will happen is when you print the pick ticket (which is limited to one location at a time), the temporary workstation ID will become:
                Location + Workstation ID (the first 8 digits)
For example, if the workstation is “AVI,” and you try to print the pick ticket for location “CA,” then the temporary workstation ID will become
If you try to print the pick ticket for NY, then the temporary workstation ID will become
The temporary workstation ID will revert back to the normal workstation ID (i.e., AVI) after the pick ticket printing.

Since the pick ticket workstation ID is different per location when you turn on this flag, you can individually set the print option screen and email to different recipients per location.


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