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Feature - Zone Breakdown Method by Freight Pay Code and State

Release Date: 4/4/18

This feature allows the user to set up a zone breakdown method by freight pay code and state. An example of where this new method can be used is the case where Global Setup -> Cop-Func -> Order Header Screen -> “22. Does Frt Status ‘P’ Means Prepaid & No Charge?” is set to N. This will allow the user to set up different threshold amounts per state when freight is calculated based on amount and not weight.

This is enabled through Carrier Mode Maintenance.

12. Zone Breakdown Method supports a new option F. When changing this field from another  value to F, the application will verify that there are no Freight Zone records on file for the carrier code/carrier mode combination. If records are on file, they must be deleted before this field can be changed to avoid an overlap issue when setting up the new ranges.

When this field is set to F, the Freight Zone Maintenance application allows the entry of a freight pay code range.

When entering the from and to freight pay codes, the application will validate the following:
  1. The first character must either be a space or a P. These are the two freight pay codes supported at this time.
  2. The second and third characters must be a valid state abbreviation. This is validated against the state file.
  3. There can be no overlap in ranges.
Here are some examples of possible range values:

Notice that Alaska and Hawaii are in their own ranges. This will allow the user to charge a separate rate and apply a separate threshold to these states to support higher shipping costs.

This new zone breakdown method is used by Order Entry, Sales Desk, Sales Order Import, and web services when freight is calculated.

Programs Changed: AR0112, AR0114, AR0114P1, ARCARMOD.FD, CP0406

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