Feature - EDI Profile to Print One Packing List Per Box from Shipment Verification

Release Date: 4/6/2018

Certain trading partners may impose a shipping rule requiring a packing list (for the entire order) be placed in each box of the shipment for that order.  That is to say, if we have 6 boxes for an order, then we need to produce 6 copies of the packing list.  A copy of each packing list needs to be placed inside each box.

Currently, you can print packing lists from Shipment Verification.  You can turn on this feature either through Global Setup -> Add-on -> Shipment Verification, flag:
   34. Print Immediate Packing Slip ?
or you can go to Customer EDI Profile to individually turn on by customer based on this flag:
    80. Print Packing List in Shipment Verification?
See the following KB article for more detail:

The number of copies is determined in the Print Option window.  However, in the Shipment Verification environment, it is too much of a burden for the warehouse staff to change the print option for number of copies on an order-by-order basis. Therefore, this feature is introduced.  We have now added a new flag in Customer EDI Profile setup:
    81. Print 1 Packing List Per Box (Shipment Verif)?
See sample screen below:

The default value is "N."  If you set it to "Y" when the packing list is printing from Shipment Verification, the number of copies is calculated based on number of boxes verified in Shipment Verification.  Please also be aware of the following:
  • We support both standard packing lists and DYO packing lists.
  • There are two different versions of standard packing lists - the original and the printing-by-box sequence.  The feature is only applicable to the original one.
  • This feature is applicable when you print a packing list from Shipment Verification or the Print Packing List menu as long as only one order is selected. The order must have gone through Shipment Verification so the system can find the box records in the CPBOXSHP table in order for this feature to work.
  • The maximum number of copies the system can print is 999.  If there are more than 999 boxes, the system will only print 999 copies.
  • If the packing list has multiple pages, Elliott can perform collating for up to 9 copies only.
  • If the user selects multiple printers in the Print Option window, the system assumes that this is for the purpose of load balancing and will distribute the number of copies to each selected printer.  For example, if you choose printer 1 and printer 2 (regardless the number of copies you indicate for each printer) and there are 15 copies of the packing list to be printed, the system will send 8 copies to the first printer and 7 copies to the second printer. Elliott will not be able to perform the collating in this case. It is then up to the printer to perform collating.  Most of the modern printers can perform collating, but there's no guarantee that collating will occur -- that depends on the printer's memory limitation and the size of the print job.

Modified Programs: ARCUSEXT.FD, ARCUSEDI, CP02P2, XPL0106

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