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Feature - Add Wish List Access to Order Entry Line Item Search

Release Date: 4/12/18

This feature allows the user to search for items that are on the customer's wish list. This new search option is available if Sales Desk is in use (Global-Setup-> COP-Ctl-> Sales Desk option 1 set to Y) and Stock Watch is enabled (Global-Setup-> System-> Events Handling option 7). When searching for items in the Order Entry line item screen, the user will see a new Customer Wish List option.

If this option is chosen, the user is shown a list of wish list items for the customer and ship-to number specified on the order.

The user can select an item from the list and it will be returned to the item number field in the Order Entry line item screen.

Once the line item is saved, the application may prompt the user about removing the item from the customer's wish list.

This is controlled via Global-Setup-> System-> Events Handling option 7. When accessing this field and answering Y, the user can set up additional options for this event.

If the user answers Y to the Remove Item From Wish List prompt, the item will be deleted.

Programs Changed: CP0111, NSCTLMN1

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