How Using Serial Lot History Edit Function Impacts BATF Bound Book

Release Date: 04/17/2018

Q - In I/M -> Processing -> Serial/Lot Processing -> Processing -> Change Serial Lot History Record, you can use F5 key to modify the following fields:

  • Document Date
  • Posted Date
  • Posted Time
  • Customer No
  • Job No (4473)
What happens when we change this record in the sample screenshot below? Will it correct BATF bound book information but disassociate the serial numbers from the original invoices?  We just want to make sure we use it correctly. Thanks.

A - The primary purpose of this function was developed to fix BATF bound book. To understand it, you should know that there are 4 keys in the IMLSHST (I/M Lot Serial History) table:

  • Primary Key - Match the parent record -- like for invoice, it would be Invoice# + Line# + Serial# …etc. 
  • Alt-Key-1 - Search by Item# + Serial# + Invoice Date 
  • Alt-Key-2 - Search by Serial# 
  • Alt-Key-3 - Match with IMINVTRX table

If you made changes in this screen, you can modify the following two columns in Alt-Key-3:

Trx-Date -> When you change Posted Date
Trx-Tme -> When you change Posted Time

Alt-Key-3 is the natural sequence for establishing requisition and disposition relationship, which is what BATF wants to see on the bound book. Under normal circumstances, your requisition date/time is before disposition date/time. But in some situations, you may mess up this natural sequence. As a result, the disposition date/time is before requisition date/time.  When that happens, you can use this method to fix the post date/time so you can regen your BATF work file to establish the proper requisition and disposition relationship. What follows are more details about each field you can change in this window:

  • Document Date: This is the date systems will use for BATF bound book report.
  • Posted Date: This is the date systems use to establish the requisition and disposition sequence.
  • Posted Time: This is the time systems use to establish the requisition and disposition sequence.
  • Customer No: If the serial record is part of an invoice history, you don't want to modify this.  But if the serial record is part of an adjustment record (like one coming from I/M Inventory Trx Processing), then you may modify this field to correct your original mistake.
  • Job No (4473): You can modify this field if you made a mistake with the original Job No (which can be used for recording 4473 with retail operations).

Even though your change to the Posted Date/Time will affect the Alt-Key-3, it will not affect the Primary Key value. Therefore, whatever value you change in this window will not impact how invoice history drills down to the Serial# window. But it does have an effect when you try to print the I/M Inventory Trx Audit Trail Report, which is based on the IMINVTRX table. If you choose to print Serial# detail and if the Post Date & Time is changed, then the system won’t be find the matching serial history record when print the Inventory Trx Audit Trail Report.


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