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How to Set Up SRFAX with PDF PostOffice

Release Date: 4/18/18

Q - I see you guys suggest using SRFAX with PDF PostOffice. What all do we need to do setup-wise to make that work? I assume we will need to create an account with SRFAX, but where do we go from there? I tried looking around on your website, and although I found articles on PDF PostOffice, I didn't see what we were looking for on the fax part.

A - The key with setting up SRFAX is you need to login to their admin area and go to SETTINGS -> SENDING FAXES and make sure all the valid send-from email addresses are set up accordingly. See sample screen below: 

To test it, you can just email a PDF file to something like from one of these email address where 123456789 is your fax number. Your email body becomes the cover page of the fax. Your PDF file becomes the fax content. Test and see if you get the fax. If you do get the fax, then you are ready to proceed with implementing PDF PostOffice with fax support.


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