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Feature - Enter Customer in Maintenance and Inquiry Event

Release Date: 04/27/2018

This feature allows the user to subscribe to an event when a customer is entered in the following areas in Accounts Receivable:
  • Customer File Maintenance Change
  • Customer File Maintenance Delete
  • Customer File Inquiry
See sample screen below:

The following are further details of this event:
  • Program ID: ARCUSMNT
  • Event Type: ENTCUST
  • File Name: ARCUSFIL
  • Description: Enter Customer in Maint & Inq
  • Variable 1: Customer No
  • Variable 2: Customer Name
  • Variable 3: Customer Terms
  • Variable 4: Customer Ship Via
  • Variable 5: Customer Type
  • Variable 6: Customer State
  • Variable 7: Customer Zip Code
  • Variable 8: Customer Salesman

Modified Programs: ARCUSMNT


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