DD API Changes (V9.0)

DD: Drill Down

The Drill Down API allows the developer to drill down to another Elliott application. The information provided in SCREEN-PARAMETERS will give the system the correct information to determine if the user has rights to the application requested.

The Version 7.5/8.x Parameters:


  • PP = 2-digit package-id
  • PRC = process name from menu system
  • MN = menu number within process name
  • pppppppp = program
  • S = N means in a new, separate process

  e.g.: DD,IM,INQ,03,IM0500,N
Screen-Menu contains the data passed to the called program...

Note: PRC,MN is used to verify access to the program.

The V9.0 Screen Parameters:


  • PP = 2-digit package-id
  • MM = menu number within process name
  • SS = submenu number within process
  • B = passed byte
  • S = N means in a separate process
  • pppppppp = program to use to verify rights
  • DDDDDDDD = Optional program to run. If not provided, the "pppppppp" program will be run.

e.g.: DD,PO,01,00,P,N,PO0300  ,POORDINQ

Screen-Menu contains data passed to the called program.


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