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Anti-Virus Caused Failure on Crystal Reports ODBC Access

Release Date: 05/22/18

Q - I have a Crystal Report that has ran against our production Elliott data without issue. I am trying to run this same report against the test Elliott data. I am getting "failed to retrieve data" messages when trying to run the report. See sample screens below. The Crystal Reports server has been upgraded in the test environment and I need to verify this report will run in the new version of Crystal Reports.

Message 1: Failed to retrieve data from the database.

Message 2: Database Connector Error: 'HY000:[PSQL][ODBC Client Interface][LNA][PSQL][SQL Engine][Data Record Manager][The Microkernel cannot find the specified file (Btrieve Error 12)'

Message 3: Failed to retrieve data from the database. Details: 'HY000:[PSQL][ODBC Client Interface][LNA][PSQL][SQL Engine]Unable to open table: APTRXFIL.

A - The key clue in these messages is (Btrieve Error 12), which means the Microkernel cannot find the specified file.  See the following KB articles for the details of error code 012 and a list of other Microkernel error messages:
We first tried to access the table APTRXFIL from PSQL Control Center and it failed with the same message.  We then confirmed that the setup of ODBC was pointing to the right path and that the particular table APTRXFIL.BTR does exist. Our suspicion then points to the Anti-Virus.  Anti-Virus, based on configuration or update,  may deny access to certain directories.  This is especially true when IT has no idea what  operation requirement is needed to run Elliott and its database.

The problem was then resolved when the IT Security team added the Test environment Elliott8\Data folder to the exclusion list, which corrected the issue. The user can now open the tables from the Pervasive tool and run the Crystal Report.


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