What to Do When PSQL 11 License Is Disabled

Release Date: 06/12/2018

Q - I recently migrated my workstation from one virtual server host to another for load balancing reasons.  After the migration, the PSQL 11 Workgroup engine on the machine became disabled. When I started up Elliott, I received the following message:
Btrieve Error 161 on Password File
How do I fix this?

A - What happened was that the PSQL 11 license model validated the motherboard, CPU, hard drive, NiC card and size of your memory.  When one of those is changed, it assumes that the same PSQL license is now installed on two different physical machines and thus disabled the license. This is not very friendly to a virtual server environment where the server or workstation can be moved around for load balancing purposes.

To avoid your PSQL 11 license becoming disabled, you should de-authorize the PSQL 11 license key before the migration.  Then re-authorize it after the migration.

The question is what to do now that the migration already took place and the license is disabled.  You can use the following steps to re-activate your PSQL 11 license:

(1) Start up PSQL Control Center.
(2) From the menu, choose "Tools" -> "License Administrator."
(3) In License Administrator, highlight the license key that has been disabled.  Choose Repair.
(4) If the Repair is successful, you should receive the following message:

The product has successfully been repaired.

Pervasive PSQL has been authorized with the current machine
configuration. Future changes to the machine configuration could
disable your key(s). As a precaution, your should deauthorize the
key before your make machine configuration changes and
reauthroize the key after the changes have been made.

You have ? remaining repairs available for this product key.

See sample screen below:

See also the following KB article on this subject:

PSQL 12 and up has a better license model where it only matches on the NETBIOS name of the server.  As long as the machine name is not changed, it will not break the license and thus make it friendly for the virtual server environment.

If you need additional help, please contact Netcellent for further assistance.


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