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Feature - PO Number Validation for EDI Customers

Release date: 7/12/2018

This feature will add PO number validation for customers that have an EDI Partner profile set up and
a new Global Setup flag  set to "Y."

To use this new feature, the following field in Global Setup/cop-Func/order Header screen must be set to "Y" or "A." 

If the above field is set to "Y," after tabbing off the field, the following screen will appear:

Specific customers or customer types can be set up in the EDI Trading Partners Setup, or specific customers can be set up with field "7. Mark Manually Entered Order As EDI" set to "Y" in AR/Maintenance/Customer, then function EDI Profile Maintenance.  

After the customer is set up with either the Global Setup or EDI maintenance field 7, the customer EDI maintenance field "82. Is Purchase Order Number Required?" must be set to "Y."

The PO number validation will occur in Order Entry, Copy Order, and Sales Desk functions.  If the order is marked as an EDI order and all the above setup has occurred, the programs will validate to ensure that there is a value in the Cust PO No field, and that the data length is 22 or fewer positions.

The following are the 2 new error messages that may display with the new changes:
    Cust PO No Must be Entered
This will happen if the Global Setup or customer's EDI profile indicate the customer is an EDI trading partner.  See sample screen below:

Also, if customer is an EDI trading partner (per Global setup, or customer's EDI profile), then the maximum PO number allowed is 22 digits even though Elliott support 25 digits.  So the following message may happeN:
    Only 22 Characters Permitted for Cust PO No
See sample screen below:


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