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How to Fix COP Lock File Error When Printing Invoice

Release Date: 08/21/2018

QEvery time we try to print invoices or credit memos, we get this Btrieve error:

    Btrieve Error USE on CPFRMFIL COP Lock File

See sample screen below:

I don’t see anyone locking this file in the PSQL Monitor utility. Do you know how to fix this?

AThis one is a little bit tricky. The error is caused by CPLCKFIL.DAT. Since this one is not a Btrieve file, you can’t see who is locking it from the PSQL Monitor utility. 

To find out who is locking CPLCKFIL.DAT, you need to go to your PSQL server console and start Computer Management, go to Shared Folders -> Open Files and find who opened this file. See sample screen below:

With batch invoice printing, Elliott only allows one user at a time to print an invoice.  The existence of this file is to prevent two Elliott users from performing batch invoice printing at the same time.  Just get this user to logout and try to print invoices or credit memos again.


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