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Report Viewer Stops Working - External Component Has Thrown An Exception

Release Date: 08/21/2018

An Elliott user is receiving the following error when printing to Report Viewer on the terminal server:

The following unanticipated error is causing Elliott Report Viewer to shut down:

An error occurred creating the form. See Exception.InnerException for deteails.  The error is: External component has thrown an exception.

Please notify your Elliott support representative.

See ..\LOG\RVErrors......LOG for a more complete description.

The actual cause of this problem is still unknown.  But we know the following:
  1. This problem only happens on the terminal server.
  2. Once all users on the terminal server logout, then when users log back in again, this problem disappears.
  3. Sometimes 2. is not possible, and a reboot of the terminal server is needed to clear it up.
  4. Users can choose to print to Notepad to solve this problem, instead of Elliott Report Viewer.
We believe this issue is related to a third party grid view component we use to display the report content.  Somehow this component causes memory corruption and affects other users on the terminal server who try to use the same component.  But we can't replicate this problem in-house, so this is difficult to resolve.


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